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Ingenious tool designer for the industry

Winding machine

ICM & ICM-18

An ingenious link between the practice of safe work and efficiency.

  • Mechanical winding equipment for cable, wire, and other flexible materials.
  • Designed for heavy winding use, the ICM excels at Coiling and has good spool capabilities.
  • Compact, built to work at distribution centers.
  • Mobile and autonomous, the ICM works on the 24V DC of a pallet truck (not included).
  • Security: Photovoltaic cells, jog, beacons and comprehensive safety features

Counter & Measuring Head

2000 SERIES & 4000 SERIES

Unparalleled precision for an industry where precision makes the caliber

  • Our meters meet the requirements of Canada’s Long Material Resale Act with Measurement Canada’s “AM6014” certification.
  • Measures wire, electrical wire, cable, rubber, hoses, plastic pipes, tube, rope and many others.
  • This linear meter can accommodate a variety of flexible materials with a diameter of 1/4 to 4 inches (6.35 mm to 101.6 mm).

The 2000 & 4000 SERIES remain the benchmark for digital linear meters in Canada.


Manual light duty - Electric light / Heavy duty

Your needs evolve, so do our tools!

  • Affordable, safe and fast.
  • For winding wires, cables or other flexible materials.


  • Retractable Coil / Shaft and Cones for spooling
  • Horizontal or vertical turntable for damaged coils or spools.

At any time, convert from a manual coiler to an electric rewinder.

  • 120V / 240V Engine 1 to 3 HP.
  • Button JOG and Potentiometer / Variable Speed ​​(0-120 TRM).
  • E stop, two-handed control, beacon and more.


Customer recommended !

  • Certified to meet the “CSA Z-432-04” standard on machine safety, in compliance with CNESST security requirments.
  • Safety: Torq limiter, two-handed control, E-stop and comprehensive safety features
  • Electric winding (Potentiomètre)
  • Hydraulic take up, 3000Lbs loaded
  • Capacity of a 36-inch wide, 40-inch diameter reel.
  • NEMA 120VAC or 240VAC connector, 20 amps
  • SK3 General dimensions (overall)

Height: 78 inches Length: 63 inches

Width: 41 inches Weight: Approximately 850 Lbs.